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Sexual Health

No. Means. No.

Consent for any sexual activity must be freely given and can be retracted at any time. Consent is not valid if the person is intoxicated, unconscious, feels pressured or is forced.

Silence is not consent.



STi’s –

sexually transmitted infections

There are many types of STI’s. Commonly Bacteria, Viral and Parasitic.

It is important to get tested regularly as some STI’s may show no symptoms. If left untreated, STI’s may lead to other health complications such as: infertility (male and females), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, urinary tract complications, Cervical Cancer, Penile Cancer, organ damage, psychological stress, serious illness or death. Below are charts that lay out different STI’s. These are not complete but are just for educational purposes for more information check out the STI Booklet from the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

Even if treated and cured, the body does not obtain immunity, meaning people can get them again. Therefore, practicing safer sex is important through all stages of life. Click here to find out where to get tested!

STI Comparison Charts