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HIV North Society

Awareness, Prevention, Care & Support

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Addressing the Social Determinants of Health through innovation, collaboration, education, support and harm reduction.


A safe and inclusive world, free of discrimination.


We greatly appreciate our community members who serve on our Board. Their dedication and expertise allow us, as staff, to continue the work that we do.

Awareness, Prevention, Care & Support

HIV North has supported individuals living in Alberta’s North for over 30 years. We are a not-for-profit AIDS service organization based in Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray. We promote awareness, initiate prevention and provide care and support throughout the northern region of the province.

HIV North prides itself on being a Harm Reduction based agency. Harm Reduction is a public health philosophy which aims to reduce negative impact of a behavior, either on an individual and/or population basis.

It involves an honest, open, non-judgmental approach to social issues while meeting people “where they are at”. This is realized through education, intervention and support. Our free needle distribution program operates onsite, through street outreach, and through our community pharmacy partners. Safer-sex supplies are also available onsite and through street outreach.