HIV- Human ImmunoDeficiency Virus

  • a virus that attacks the immune system; your bodies system that fights off infection and illness
  • it does not discriminate, and can affect anyone
  • it is not curable, however there are effective treatments that if taken properly can lead to living a long, healthy life
  • it is transmitted by unprotected sex, contact with sexual fluids: semen, rectal fluid, vaginal fluid and blood and breast milk
  • the only way to tell if you have it is to get a blood test!

AIDS- Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

  • Without treatment your bodies immune system eventually gets to the point where it cannot fight off the virus any longer. At this point, people can get what are called an opportunistic infection because they take advantage of the weakened immune system. Infections that are common are pneumonia, thrush and certain cancers. Unfortunately without a proper working immune system these opportunistic infections can become fatal. Therefore it is vital that people know their status and seek out treatment before their immune system gets to this point!